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Mark A Better Professional Spot With Galgotias University

Modernize and advanced learning system aided with technology and praise-worthy campus set up is what most upcoming universities focus and boast about but what makes Galgotias University stand out amongst all is its vision and mission to provide and create a conducive environment for its students & ensure the professional outlook is imbibed and put well to practice.

It has become pivotal for each academic institution for higher education to emphasize on the new and vocational tactics. Galgotias here believes in letting the student’s experiment, create and innovate. These techniques being assisted by unmatch mentoring by experienced and well-versed faculty, exceptional set of academic libraries, leading-edge technologically updated labs, value integrating and transitional programs, affiliation with big firms. Other remarkable resources make Galgotias University the pioneer in higher education.

Students at Galgotias University are assured of landing into great professional positions post programs since the confidence they put in the faculty and management is well taken care of at all times. The university offers a plethora of courses to choose, varying from engineering in computer science, mechanics, civil engineering to business administrative programs, computer application programs, management studies and more.

Apart from these, Galgotias University also extends the extracurricular period to its students through various clubs to uncover other interests of its student, be it theatre, debate, sports or anything else. The immersive academic structure and impartation of knowledge at Galgotias. Whether theoretical or pragmatic is absolutely unequivocal to bring about success in future.

A student’s life at Galgotias University is in short no less than a dream as Galgotias University is a wisdom hamper in itself. The conscientious efforts of the students as well as the faculty. They have got the Institute recognitions in form of top achievers in MBA and MCA. Accolades by daily ‘Times of India’ and worthy rankings by other many other institutions as well. Do you too wish to pass as a successful young professional and be in the list of Galgotias’s alumni for all the above-added advantages? Join now.

Simple Ways To Clear Your Exams

With the development of the technical advancements, the world is facing a tough competition. The education sector is no different than any other sector and is facing some serious competition. Thus, to sustain in the market and to be student’s choice, the universities must provide the students with some extra benefits and features other than the regular benefits that every other university is offering.


During the college time, the most stressed time for any student is the exam time. They often face many difficulties when preparing for exams. The students often get tensed by the pressure they face to qualify and pass their exams.


To reduce the pressure, here are some of the tips that can be followed:

  1. Get the proper guidance: The basic necessity to clear any exam is to get the right and accurate guidance for the same. Unless and until the student gets the right guidance for the preparation, it becomes difficult for them to clear the exam. But, with proper guidance, the pressure related to the exams is reduced.
  2. Talk to experts: To reduce the pressure of the exams it is always advisable to communicate and talk to an expert. The expert will help you clear every doubt that you have and will help you prepare in the right manner for the exams.
  3. Study material: Another important factor which decides the success factor in the exam is getting the right, precise and accurate study material. The study material should be relevant and as per the latest analysis for better results.
  4. Development in the personality: Students should be trained to develop a personality that can take the pressure of the exams. They should be given much focus on the development of their personalities to reduce the pressure of exams.

Above are the tips given by Galgotias University to know more about the university and its courses you can visit

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How is Galgotia University Re-Defining Standards In Education Industry?

The education industry is one of those industries that can never be out of the picture. But, with the growing competition, it is not easy to sustain in the market and one must provide with some difference that re-defines education industry. What we are doing for this is as follow:

  1. Experienced faculty: No matter whatever you learn or how smart you become, you always need a guide to assist you in areas where you lack or fall short. If the guiding force is not experienced enough to throw light on the path of the student’s success then it will be completely wasted. Therefore, we have all our faculty members fully trained and experienced.
  2. Advanced Labs: We make sure that our students never lack behind due to the shortage of resources and therefore, we have equipped ourselves with some of the leading advancements in the different labs available in the Galgotia University.
  3. Modern Technologies: The growth of digitalization has made the world digital and the one who doesn’t match with this change is left far behind in the race. We never want our students to lose any race and as a result of the same, we provide them with all the latest and modern technologies to keep their innovative and creative side active.
  4. Out of the box thinking: Many universities just focus on mugging the details of the course guidelines and not paying any focus on the other activities that are essential for student’s growth. But, Galgotia doesn’t focus on just one aspect of growth but focuses on every bit in equal amount.

We hope we are moving in the right direction and are working well in achieving our vision. Do let us know what you think and leave a review for us which will be posted on Galgotia University Reviews section.

We Promise You A Bright Career & Future | Galgotia Placements

Once you get admission in any college, you complete your education and get relieved from there. You will have to worry about your job after you step out of the college. But gone are those days. Now, you will not have to worry so much as you will have college which can offer you on campus and off campus recruitment and placement facilities. But not all the colleges and universities will offer you this. Galgotia Placements is one of those colleges which promises you a bright career and future. You will be assured a job in the campus itself before you step out of the college when you are good at your education in the college. We are one of the top colleges and universities in India with high campus placements for the students.

  • We train students with curriculum and also on campus placement training. Both are equally important for every student to secure their career.
  • We have tied up with a number of companies which visit our college to grab the most talented students from the campus.
  • We have a dedicated placement cell called the Galgotias University Placements cell which is continuously working with many top MNC’s to gather information on what kind of talent the outside world is looking for. This makes it easy for us to train and prepare for the placements. In case, you miss a chance to get select on campus also, we can assure you a bright career as you are already trained by us to meet the outside world requirement.
  • So many awards and rewards to our students every year shows how talented they are and how we train them.

To become part of Galgotias visit now and let us know if you have any more queries. Read Galgotia University Reviews for more information, also visit us in Greater Noida.

What’s new? | Galgotia University

Which is the best private University in the India? What’s new?, Undeniably, the answer would be Galgotia University. In past few years, Galgotia University carries out in such a proficient ways that it has also become one of the superlative universities which hold international placements, training along with courses and Global Exposure break to students. Not only the Galgotia college but Galgotian also earned fame in last few years by performing at students play-offs in the country and take hold of medals and trophies. However, the accomplishment list of Galgotia University is also never ending. Let’s see what’s new these days in Galgotia University.

  1. The Startup Conclave’17

    Start Up conclave is a day event to be held on 19 April 2017 prearranged by the Entrepreneurial student-run body of Galgotia University or E-Cell. The main idea of the event is to grant internship opportunities to the Galgotian. However, it is also heard from Dhruv Galgotia that the event will also take in some legendary CEOs and founders as a Speaker to students for their motivation and inspiration. What’s new?, The startup conclave event will be into 4 distinctive sessions: Speaker session, Internship offers, and Industrial Exposure and International Internship opportunities.

  2. The War of Words’17

    The War of Words is clearly defining itself as a “debate competition” of 2017 well thought-out by School of Lifelong learning between Galgotia University and also Galgotia College of Engineering and Technology. School of Lifelong Learning is one the tincture of Galgotia University and usually, provides this hue of skill developing competition which provides students to showcase their endowment. Galgotia University won the war of words’17 against GCET, the tough runner.

  3. Moodle Campus

    Galgotia University holds precision in the aspect of faculty, staff, students, placements and even in Campus. Galgotia has this chief campus in universities of India and also well known for its excellence and milieu. Recently, Galgotia University set up Moodle campus wide of nearly 16,000 students and conducts exam with over 3000 concurrencies.

  4. Association with Hospitality School of Europe

    Undoubtedly, Galgotia University has been providing international opportunities to its students since past few years and has also been allied with the abundant all-inclusive ranked university for the rationale of exchange student education. However, lately, Dr. Onkar Nath Mehra offered Association ship hand towards Hospitality School of Europe’s head Mr. Laurent Guiraud and also grant a new level of excellence to Galgotia College of Hospitality.

  5. X-TREME’17

    Recently, Dean of Students Club, Mrs. Vinnie Khanna Mathur gives a new level of educational activity to Students of Polytechnics. Galgotia University Students Club also launched a Polytechnics Club named as ‘X-TREME’, Mrs. Khanna was the honor chief guest at the launching event. Mr. Chandan, a faculty member also announced as the head of the club sincerely.

These were the contemporary event going to happen in Galgotia University. What’s new?, Galgotia University has also been running towards success and perfection with good organization and way that benefits the students.

Efforts That Every College Students Should Make | Galgotia University

Galgotia University is one the most proficient university in private sector of education in India. Dhruv Galgotia, an inspiration to youth and motivation to Galgotians has prominently known as the right hand of Galgotia University and holds credit in the successful journey of Galgotia college. Today, Galgotia University accomplished in the aspect of Galgotia college placements, Galgotia university placements, Galgotia Industry interface, Galgotia training programs. PadminiGalgotia, spouse of Mr. Sunil Galgotia, the founder of Galgotia University speaks “Galgotians are expected to make as many efforts as Galgotia University’s Faculty and Heads do. And every student must make some efforts to accomplish a successful college life.”

  1. Improvement of Communication skills

    Students during Graduation sometimes forget that what actually academics is for! And keep on enjoying college life. However, students during graduation must develop and improve their communication skills. In order to improve these skills, students should participate in activities which include more vocabulary and communication. Also, students should always keep interacting with professors during lecture. This boosts their confidence and students communicate openly.

  2. Build an International Network

    International network is the most significant thing students should concern about during graduation. Attending workshops, seminars, conferences, and participating in different events and going to international conferences and workshops helps students to build an international network with students from different countries and organizations. Usually, to build international network students should explore and interact with as many people as they can in different college events. It has been observed that an international network has become the major source of international opportunities nowadays.

  3. Gain a competitive edge

    Students should try to gain a competitive edge by doing internships and concentrate on training programs organized by the institution. However, gaining experience and training gives a competitive edge to Curriculum vitae and make an excellent impression on the companies visit the University for placement purposes. To gain the competitive edge, students can seek for an overseas internship as well.

  4. Make yourself different

    At the end of graduation session, every student holds the same degree, this is not a big deal but what makes a difference is “what make you different from others?” Therefore, students should try to achieve the goals that make him/her different and enlighten their CV. Students should try to take internships, training, gain knowledge, or develop skills for the field they want to get into.

  5. Be creative

    Graduation is recognizing as a wonderful and significant period in every student’s life. At this point of time, students are supposed to plan their future and being prepared for professional life. However, students should develop their creativity skills during graduation reason being “creativity” is one of essential features of every professional. During placements, companies seek for employees who have good creativity and are capable of implementing and creating fresh ideas.

So, if you are preparing for college, then also, prepare yourself to do some efforts to grab the given factors. Galgotia University has now become the top ranked university in India and it has been observed that cultural activities, events, workshops at Galgotia help the students to gain skills.

4 Things You Will Definitely Appreciate About Galgotia University

Galgotia University is India’s top notch University of the private sector of education. The University has established a few years ago and the founder of this prominent learning hub was Mr. Sunil Galgotia. Today, Dhruv Galgotia, the youngest CEO has taken the university to the heights of success and perfection. The university holds excellence in International placements and associated with numerous of international companies all over the world. Lets us take a look at the activities in Galgotia College which every student will definitely appreciate.

  1. Students Club

    Galgotia University has always been in controversy for achievements of its student’s club. In past few years, Galgotia University student club has become prominent in almost all states and universities all over the country concerning theGalgotian’s capabilities, talent, and passion towards sports and other activities. Galgotia team of cricket has accomplished winning over 3 universities in the country till now. So, if you are a student who wants to give a chance to your passion. Students club of Galgotia is best to do so.

  2. Workshops, events, seminars

    Who does not like to explore during college life and create a network around the country? And thus, Galgotian are provided these opportunities of exploring and boosting their networks around the country through workshops, events, and seminar. Numerous of events, workshop, seminar are organized in Galgotia University where students from other universities and cities take part. These help students to grow network around the country and explore to develop their creativity and skills.

  3. Tournaments

    Galgotian is into sports as much as they are into studies. The football team of Galgotia, Cricket team of Galgotia, Karate players of Galgotia are usually conversed about in newspapers and news channels for their success and achievements. However, Galgotia University supports the talent of these students and also, organize national tournaments of different sports every year. Dhruv Galgotia, CEO of GalgotiaUniversity always support and encourage students to participate in every tournament either organized in the Galgotia or by some other university.

  4. Faculty and Extra office hours

    Faculty of Galgotia is excellent and proficient. It converts to being supportive of students and recognizes as the right hand of Galgotia University.  It is also worth mentioning that Faculty of Galgotia University provides extra office hours to students who need extra classes or recovering their syllabus or clearing problems.

These are the variety of reasons why Galgotia University is amazing. Galgotia Alumni speaks “Galgotia University is the most excellent university we have ever been into, We are thankful to Mr.Suneel Galgotia, the founder of Galgotia University also for providing us such an amazing learning institute to study and Dhruv Galgotiafor becoming our motivation and inspiration.”

Winnings Of Students Club’17 | Galgotia University

Undoubtedly, Students club has always been a plus point in achievements of Galgotia University reviews. The most proficient and rapidly accomplishing University in the history of private sector education of India. Currently, in  2017, Galgotia Student club has been in controversies for its achievements and participation in different events at national level. Winnings Of Students Club’17, the students of the University have made the students of other universities to taste the sand by showcasing their amazing talent and dedication towards their university. Students told in an interview that their major inspiration is Dhruv Galgotia, the youngest CEO.

Winnings Of Students Club’17

  1. Karate Tournament

    Recently, In Greater Noida, India, a Karate tournament named “Shotokai Karate-Do Championship” held and the students of a sports club, a part of Galgotia Students Club actively participated in the event. However, the competition turns out too tough as numerous of students from the distinguished University were participating. Galgotians showcase their talents and capabilities and managed to won 10 Gold, 12 silvers and 14 bronze medals in the event. So, we know “not to mess with Galgotians, they are way more perfect in sports as well”.

  2. Cricket League

    Recently, AIIMS has organized an All Delhi NCR sports fest “AIIMS Gladius 2017” in which 12 cricket teams has taken part in cricket league. However, Galgotia is worth mentioning of “leaders of sports maker” as the School of Law team of Galgotia college has actively participated in the cricket and won in finals. The team defeated 12 college’s teams of Delhi.

  3. JCL’17, Cricket Tournament

    The showcase of talent and dedication towards its passion for Cricket of Cricket team of Galgotia does not stop even after leading the AIIMS cricket team to taste the sand and Thus, the Cricket team of Galgotia won “JCL, Jimsi Cricket League, 2017.” The team proved that “no team of cricket can beat their confidence and passion for winning”.

  4. Football Journey of winning

    Galgotia University’s football team is regularly seen in New channels for its continuous winning ways. One more time, the football team of Galgotiaenlightened the name of their institute by fearlessly taking participation in “Triquetra’17, the Sports Fest” held and organized by Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology and won its first match against DTU, Delhi Technological University.

  5. Inter-Institutional Event

    Being excellent at sports, how the students of Galgotia could let technological competitions spare away from the prominence of their Institute. However, the “spine-o-web” an Inter-Institutional event organized by Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management won by a third-year student of Galgotia university placements named Mr. Shubham Modi. Undoubtedly, the Galgotian are multitalented and know how to enlighten their names in the national winnings.

These were the latest Winnings Of Students Club’17 of Galgotia University reviews. In an Interview with Galgotian, they expressed their love and dedication towards their passion and Galgotia College and said: “we are thankful to Mr. Dhruv Galgotia for providing us education and opportunities to expose our talents to the world, he is our greatest inspiration”. Galgotian are best, they never let the university to face failure pointed Padmini Galgotia.

Concerned About Placement? Galgotia University Is The Solution

Galgotia University, the most proficient house of learning in private sector of education all over the country. However, In India, the most common concern of every student while deciding the university to go for further studies is “Placement.”  And students lurk about universities as much as possible because “University/ College life is considered as a turning point in life.”  In last few years, Galgotia has maintained and taken its placement cell at the international level under the guidance of Dhruv Galgotia and Padmini Galgotia. Here are various reason that if students are concerned about placement factor then why they should go for Galgotia University.

Points Why Galgotia University Is The Solution-

  1. Excellent College profile

    The college profile of Galgotia University is maintaining excellence in the aspect of designing and professional websites containing academic achievements, awards it is honor with. The students competitive achievements and placement records. These components and enhanced college profile attract the corporation towards its students, organization prefer to take them into their corporation.

  2. Training

    Undoubtedly, you all are familiar with the fact that before placement every student needs to take training as placement. It is a sensitive time period in students lives and they get nervous easily. However, you will glad to know that training before placement is given to the students of Galgotia University within the campus. Also ensures the accomplishment of confidence.

  3. Professionalism

    Professionalism is the most attractive factor in each sector of education or employment. Galgotia University runs its placement cell with professionalism. Also it’s worth of mentioning that Galgotia is being partner with numerous of the national and international corporation all over the world. These corporations reach every year for the placement of students.

  4. No discrimination

     If you are thinking that Galgotia might place some nondeserving student in place of you then you are wrong because the university holds the policy of “Placing the right candidate”. According to which the university will allow the students to sit in the interview for particular company only if they are eligible and deserving.

These were the various reason that why one should choose Galgotia University reviews if he/she is more concerned about placements, Galgotia University Is The Solution. In last few years, Galgotia University placements have also grabbed a top ranking position in the aspect of international placements by the private sector of education in the country. We have been preparing students for global accomplishment since ever established.

100% Placements at Galgotia University

Galgotia University has been the most prominent learning hub in the aspect of the private sector of education in the country since ever established. Recently, the university has been into controversies as Dhruv Galgotia, a 25-year-old young Man has taken the university into his concern and announced as the CEO of the University. Surprisingly, the CEO, Dhruv Galgotia takes the university to the heights of success and become the inspiration for thousands of students dream something big. Padmini Galgotia speaks “Galgotia University provides quality placements to students of Galgotia College and benefit to the institution as well.”

We provide 100% Placements at Galgotia University

  1. Enhancement of Skills

    Galgotia University has been providing international and national placements opportunities to students for past few years. It has been awarded as best placement cell holding university in India. Quality placements provide students to gain or develop skills in their particular subject, stream or industry. However, being into quality placement student get the chance to gather professional knowledge and grab skills such as employability skills, technical skills, communication skills, and competencies.

  2. Awareness and knowledge

    Quality placements help students to get into team operations and know how team-based operations problem-solving skills and the ability to work with total optimization. Although, students get to explore, develop skills, gain knowledge and awareness in academics quality placements provide.

  3. Competing Strength and Confidence

    Quality placements boost competing for strength and confidence of students of Galgotia University. However, quality placements bring strong advantages of the professional global network with different organizations and industries. Quality placement gives a refreshing start to students after graduation and boosts their confidence.

  4. Enhance University’s Reputation

    Students major concern while choosing university or learning hub always remains ‘placements.’ Therefore, having quality placement in your institute, the reputation of college improves.

  5. Institution’s Profile

    Quality placement 100% Placements at Galgotia University raises the Institution profile and enhances institution’s reputation, fame for graduate employment reason. Being institutions holding quality placements are knowing to be excellent in the aspect of student’s employability. Thus, companies remain satisfied with students they take from the Institute.

These were the various components on how quality Galgotia University placements are beneficial to students and institution as well. Dhruv Galgotia, the youngest CEO of Galgotia University and also son of Mr. Suneel Galgotia, founder of Galgotia College aiming the university towards the success and Global ranking.