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Posted on: June 14, 2017
what's new?

Which is the best private University in the India? What’s new?, Undeniably, the answer would be Galgotia University. In past few years, Galgotia University carries out in such a proficient ways that it has also become one of the superlative universities which hold international placements, training along with courses and Global Exposure break to students. Not only the Galgotia college but Galgotian also earned fame in last few years by performing at students play-offs in the country and take hold of medals and trophies. However, the accomplishment list of Galgotia University is also never ending. Let’s see what’s new these days in Galgotia University.

  1. The Startup Conclave’17

    Start Up conclave is a day event to be held on 19 April 2017 prearranged by the Entrepreneurial student-run body of Galgotia University or E-Cell. The main idea of the event is to grant internship opportunities to the Galgotian. However, it is also heard from Dhruv Galgotia that the event will also take in some legendary CEOs and founders as a Speaker to students for their motivation and inspiration. What’s new?, The startup conclave event will be into 4 distinctive sessions: Speaker session, Internship offers, and Industrial Exposure and International Internship opportunities.

  2. The War of Words’17

    The War of Words is clearly defining itself as a “debate competition” of 2017 well thought-out by School of Lifelong learning between Galgotia University and also Galgotia College of Engineering and Technology. School of Lifelong Learning is one the tincture of Galgotia University and usually, provides this hue of skill developing competition which provides students to showcase their endowment. Galgotia University won the war of words’17 against GCET, the tough runner.

  3. Moodle Campus

    Galgotia University holds precision in the aspect of faculty, staff, students, placements and even in Campus. Galgotia has this chief campus in universities of India and also well known for its excellence and milieu. Recently, Galgotia University set up Moodle campus wide of nearly 16,000 students and conducts exam with over 3000 concurrencies.

  4. Association with Hospitality School of Europe

    Undoubtedly, Galgotia University has been providing international opportunities to its students since past few years and has also been allied with the abundant all-inclusive ranked university for the rationale of exchange student education. However, lately, Dr. Onkar Nath Mehra offered Association ship hand towards Hospitality School of Europe’s head Mr. Laurent Guiraud and also grant a new level of excellence to Galgotia College of Hospitality.

  5. X-TREME’17

    Recently, Dean of Students Club, Mrs. Vinnie Khanna Mathur gives a new level of educational activity to Students of Polytechnics. Galgotia University Students Club also launched a Polytechnics Club named as ‘X-TREME’, Mrs. Khanna was the honor chief guest at the launching event. Mr. Chandan, a faculty member also announced as the head of the club sincerely.

These were the contemporary event going to happen in Galgotia University. What’s new?, Galgotia University has also been running towards success and perfection with good organization and way that benefits the students.

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