4 Things You Will Definitely Appreciate About Galgotia University
Posted on: May 31, 2017
galgotia university

Galgotia University is India’s top notch University of the private sector of education. The University has established a few years ago and the founder of this prominent learning hub was Mr. Sunil Galgotia. Today, Dhruv Galgotia, the youngest CEO has taken the university to the heights of success and perfection. The university holds excellence in International placements and associated with numerous of international companies all over the world. Lets us take a look at the activities in Galgotia College which every student will definitely appreciate.

  1. Students Club

    Galgotia University has always been in controversy for achievements of its student’s club. In past few years, Galgotia University student club has become prominent in almost all states and universities all over the country concerning theGalgotian’s capabilities, talent, and passion towards sports and other activities. Galgotia team of cricket has accomplished winning over 3 universities in the country till now. So, if you are a student who wants to give a chance to your passion. Students club of Galgotia is best to do so.

  2. Workshops, events, seminars

    Who does not like to explore during college life and create a network around the country? And thus, Galgotian are provided these opportunities of exploring and boosting their networks around the country through workshops, events, and seminar. Numerous of events, workshop, seminar are organized in Galgotia University where students from other universities and cities take part. These help students to grow network around the country and explore to develop their creativity and skills.

  3. Tournaments

    Galgotian is into sports as much as they are into studies. The football team of Galgotia, Cricket team of Galgotia, Karate players of Galgotia are usually conversed about in newspapers and news channels for their success and achievements. However, Galgotia University supports the talent of these students and also, organize national tournaments of different sports every year. Dhruv Galgotia, CEO of GalgotiaUniversity always support and encourage students to participate in every tournament either organized in the Galgotia or by some other university.

  4. Faculty and Extra office hours

    Faculty of Galgotia is excellent and proficient. It converts to being supportive of students and recognizes as the right hand of Galgotia University.  It is also worth mentioning that Faculty of Galgotia University provides extra office hours to students who need extra classes or recovering their syllabus or clearing problems.

These are the variety of reasons why Galgotia University is amazing. Galgotia Alumni speaks “Galgotia University is the most excellent university we have ever been into, We are thankful to Mr.Suneel Galgotia, the founder of Galgotia University also for providing us such an amazing learning institute to study and Dhruv Galgotiafor becoming our motivation and inspiration.”

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