Winnings Of Students Club’17 | Galgotia University
Posted on: May 24, 2017
Winnings Of Students Club’17

Undoubtedly, Students club has always been a plus point in achievements of Galgotia University reviews. The most proficient and rapidly accomplishing University in the history of private sector education of India. Currently, in  2017, Galgotia Student club has been in controversies for its achievements and participation in different events at national level. Winnings Of Students Club’17, the students of the University have made the students of other universities to taste the sand by showcasing their amazing talent and dedication towards their university. Students told in an interview that their major inspiration is Dhruv Galgotia, the youngest CEO.

Winnings Of Students Club’17

  1. Karate Tournament

    Recently, In Greater Noida, India, a Karate tournament named “Shotokai Karate-Do Championship” held and the students of a sports club, a part of Galgotia Students Club actively participated in the event. However, the competition turns out too tough as numerous of students from the distinguished University were participating. Galgotians showcase their talents and capabilities and managed to won 10 Gold, 12 silvers and 14 bronze medals in the event. So, we know “not to mess with Galgotians, they are way more perfect in sports as well”.

  2. Cricket League

    Recently, AIIMS has organized an All Delhi NCR sports fest “AIIMS Gladius 2017” in which 12 cricket teams has taken part in cricket league. However, Galgotia is worth mentioning of “leaders of sports maker” as the School of Law team of Galgotia college has actively participated in the cricket and won in finals. The team defeated 12 college’s teams of Delhi.

  3. JCL’17, Cricket Tournament

    The showcase of talent and dedication towards its passion for Cricket of Cricket team of Galgotia does not stop even after leading the AIIMS cricket team to taste the sand and Thus, the Cricket team of Galgotia won “JCL, Jimsi Cricket League, 2017.” The team proved that “no team of cricket can beat their confidence and passion for winning”.

  4. Football Journey of winning

    Galgotia University’s football team is regularly seen in New channels for its continuous winning ways. One more time, the football team of Galgotiaenlightened the name of their institute by fearlessly taking participation in “Triquetra’17, the Sports Fest” held and organized by Netaji Subhash Institute of Technology and won its first match against DTU, Delhi Technological University.

  5. Inter-Institutional Event

    Being excellent at sports, how the students of Galgotia could let technological competitions spare away from the prominence of their Institute. However, the “spine-o-web” an Inter-Institutional event organized by Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management won by a third-year student of Galgotia university placements named Mr. Shubham Modi. Undoubtedly, the Galgotian are multitalented and know how to enlighten their names in the national winnings.

These were the latest Winnings Of Students Club’17 of Galgotia University reviews. In an Interview with Galgotian, they expressed their love and dedication towards their passion and Galgotia College and said: “we are thankful to Mr. Dhruv Galgotia for providing us education and opportunities to expose our talents to the world, he is our greatest inspiration”. Galgotian are best, they never let the university to face failure pointed Padmini Galgotia.

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