Day: May 17, 2017

School of Architecture Is The Essence of Galgotia University

Galgotia University is one of the major education hubs in India and holds the top ranking in private sector of education in the country. The university offers innumerable of courses in almost every stream of education either science, medical, commerce or arts. The university has divided into distinguished schools under the guidance of Dhruv Galgotia, CEO of Galgotia University. School of Architecture is worthy of mentioning the  essence of Galgotia University reviews due to its perfection in the aspect of following factors:

  1. Skills of Inventing

    The proficiency of Galgotia is no doubt and fortunately, according to latest survey id ranked as 6th all over the country. However, talking about a programme of Architecture in India, the university prepare the students with the skills of inventing. In other words, the students of Galgotia pursuing Architecture from the Institute are given And trained in an aspect of new designs of buildings, homes, bridges etc just like an inventor.

  2. Knowledge with fun

    Unlike other colleges, the Galgotia University do not focus only on the strict and need of discipline but also, give a fun to education. However, numerous of events, workshops, a competition held in University at the national level where students of Architecture are given opportunities to use their creative mind and showcase their talents. This creates an entertaining as well as learning atmosphere for the students.

  3. Placements with high packages

    “Placements” the very first concern of every student before taking admission into any university. In noteworthy of mentioning, the Galgotia University placements has accomplished association with international companies and organizations all over the Globe. In recent years, it has been observed that the students of the school of Architecture are offered the highest packages throughout the year. Yes, Galgotia prepares its students with such perfection and dedication, they are offered placements with amazing packages not only at national level but internationally also.

  4. Variety of fields of learning

    Architecture seems to be something only to do with designing of buildings, bridges, and other things but do you know that Architecture consists of numerous of fields like history, material science, engineering, physics, art, creativity, human resources education etc. In other words, it consists of most diversified subjects.

  5. Exposure to creativity

    Fortunately, Architecture is not a kind of 9 to 5 job as it consists of work with creativity. According to the faculty of Galgotia College placements of Architecture, “the profession of Architecture give exposure to creative of students because you do not need to go with some particular design or concept of the building but new designs and concepts are always appreciated in this profession.”

These were the various components which proves that School of Architecture is the essence of Galgotia University reason being the learning schedule and concepts are so much distinguished and appropriate that one get excellence and trained in Architecture. So, if you are seeking for amazing exposure in the Architecture profession. Galgotia University is the solution.