Is MBA the only best option left with Students?
Posted on: April 26, 2017
Is MBA the only best option left with Students?

Galgotia University has been India top notch university for few years. The university is prominently known for offering almost all the courses relating to every field of education either science, commerce or arts. Dhruv Galgotia speaks “turning to the lane everyone is turning to should not be the thought or aim of students. Students are the future of developing corporate world of the country. So, why is MBA a taboo? Is MBA the only best option left with students?”  Further continuing by Padmini Galgotia described some alternative of MBA students can opt for.

Is MBA the only best option left with Students?

  1. Pursue MA or MS

    MA and MS are known to be great course to balance with undergraduate degree. Also, one can prosper in a particular field of interest in these courses. Many students pursued MA or MS from Galgotia are now either work for prominent organizations or run a solo consultancy. Students are offered different subject choice according to their personal interest such as MA in Economics, or in English, sociology, political science, applied psychology and so on. Similarly, there are many choice of particular subject in MS. However, student should not compulsorily force upon pursuing MBA. There are other interesting options in Galgotia University.

  2. Starting up a business

    Starting up a business is no big deal today but still some courageous students do not consider taking risk and get into MBA. One can start up a small business and can get the experience of real world and how does it work. Also, Galgotia University provides options of open learning to students who want to keep studies going but engaging in other activities also. However, you need not to stick on the belief that professional life would be any less without an MBA degree. Starting up business will give you more knowledge and experience.

  3. Opt for Integrated course

    Students do not find it easy to go into profession direct after undergraduate degree reason being they might have further plans to study. However, students can opt for integrated courses instead of doing MBA right after undergraduate degree. Degree in integrated courses worth valuable because it indicates that you have high level knowledge in particular field. Corporations and companies visit for campus placement prefer students with integrated degree more often because of their continuous concentration over specific field. Therefore, integrated course is considered better.

Therefore, these are an assortment of alternatives students can go for instead of an MBA. Galgotia University offers number of course one can apply after undergraduate degree. Also, integrate courses are offered at Galgotia which hold best Galgotia college placements record over last few years. For any query or feedback, interact at Galgotia University reviews.

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