Month: April 2017

Is MBA the only best option left with Students?

Galgotia University has been India top notch university for few years. The university is prominently known for offering almost all the courses relating to every field of education either science, commerce or arts. Dhruv Galgotia speaks “turning to the lane everyone is turning to should not be the thought or aim of students. Students are the future of developing corporate world of the country. So, why is MBA a taboo? Is MBA the only best option left with students?”  Further continuing by Padmini Galgotia described some alternative of MBA students can opt for.

Is MBA the only best option left with Students?

  1. Pursue MA or MS

    MA and MS are known to be great course to balance with undergraduate degree. Also, one can prosper in a particular field of interest in these courses. Many students pursued MA or MS from Galgotia are now either work for prominent organizations or run a solo consultancy. Students are offered different subject choice according to their personal interest such as MA in Economics, or in English, sociology, political science, applied psychology and so on. Similarly, there are many choice of particular subject in MS. However, student should not compulsorily force upon pursuing MBA. There are other interesting options in Galgotia University.

  2. Starting up a business

    Starting up a business is no big deal today but still some courageous students do not consider taking risk and get into MBA. One can start up a small business and can get the experience of real world and how does it work. Also, Galgotia University provides options of open learning to students who want to keep studies going but engaging in other activities also. However, you need not to stick on the belief that professional life would be any less without an MBA degree. Starting up business will give you more knowledge and experience.

  3. Opt for Integrated course

    Students do not find it easy to go into profession direct after undergraduate degree reason being they might have further plans to study. However, students can opt for integrated courses instead of doing MBA right after undergraduate degree. Degree in integrated courses worth valuable because it indicates that you have high level knowledge in particular field. Corporations and companies visit for campus placement prefer students with integrated degree more often because of their continuous concentration over specific field. Therefore, integrated course is considered better.

Therefore, these are an assortment of alternatives students can go for instead of an MBA. Galgotia University offers number of course one can apply after undergraduate degree. Also, integrate courses are offered at Galgotia which hold best Galgotia college placements record over last few years. For any query or feedback, interact at Galgotia University reviews.

Why Galgotia University conferences are helpful to Students

Galgotia University is India topnotch university in private sector of education. Galgotia University placements are one the factor which attracts students towards the university. However, Galgotia college placement cell associated with number of national and international corporations all over the world. Conversing about the appreciable factors of the university, Galgotia workshops, seminars and conference are worth mentioning. Every year, 3-4 conferences are prearranged in the university for the students under the guidance of Dhruv Galgotia, the CEO of the university. Padmini Galgotia speaks “conferences help student to gain knowledge, confidence and other benefits.”

  1. Coming out of your comfort zone

    For number of students during the start up of college, people are a challenge. They are not into gathering several people who have tough professional background regularly. Some students need to come of their comfort zone and stood up against the challenge. To variate this conservative behavior of students and pull out them from their comfort zone, Galgotia University organizes conferences for them. In these conferences they get opportunities to interact with professionals and get motivation from them.

  2. Knowledge and Strategy

    Being a college student, one comes into touch with a specific field of education which will lead him/her to their accomplishment in building career in the particular field. However, to gain the proper knowledge in the field of your interests at professional level, one must know about it and the strategies related to it. Books, internet, and online lectures and speeches are not enough to gain proper knowledge. Therefore, conferences help student to experience the journey of professional through which they get motivation and inspiration. Indeed, they get to know number of strategy and knowledge which help them in future.

  3. Learning in new space

    How does it feel like when you are told that you need to sit on the same desk, same classroom, and learn with the same lecturers throughout your graduation period? Answer might be boring. Therefore, conferences make student to learn into new space and new ways. Learning in the same way all the time won’t be effective. Thus, during conferences students come into interaction with new speakers, learn from their journey of accomplishment which amazes students; inspire them to do something unusual in life.

  4. Networking

    When it’s time of the ending period of graduation and students got to enter into professional life, networking is what only some of them hold. Networking is significant after a period of time reason being people need to know you and your capabilities. Conferences at Galgotia University endow with a platform to students for building network, showcase talents and capabilities to prominent people with strong professional background. So that you may have a break in corporate world in yet to come.

  5. Glance of corporate world

    Being into college and lurking business news, articles and headlines may be effective for your business knowledge. But they do not give you a proper glance of corporate world, do they? Conferences held in Galgotia University consists of number of professional and prominent personalities of corporate world. They talk about what is going on with the business and out there in the world. Students get to know the corporate world and clear a picture of what they want to become according to their interest.

Do you know that Galgotia has also been awarded for organizing most proficient conferences which consists of maximum number of professional as speakers? Number of students every year attend these conferences and get global opportunities also. For events to hold in Galgotia further in future, you can catch details at Galgotia College Placements.

Scholarship makes a real difference in Education

Galgotia University has been one of the top ranking university regarding private sector of education in the country. Dhruv Galgotia, the youngest CEO took the university at the heights of success in aspect of global exposure, international placements and cultural activities. The university also offers scholarship opportunities to deserving students all over the country. Padmini Galgotia says “Scholarship is the opportunity given to various outstanding students of Galgotia according to their merits and different aspects. However, it observes that giving scholarship opportunities has make a lots of difference in college lives of students.”

Scholarship makes a real difference in Education

  1. Motivation

    Scholarship opportunities are offering to those students who do well or outstanding in their academics. However, Scholarship is a kind of motivation for students to do well and gain something in return as a reward. Galgotia University offers numerous of scholarship opportunities according to the merits and accomplishment level of students. For past five years, it observes that 40 to 50 percent of students from Galgotia awarded with scholarship every year.

  2. Distinguish Students Achievements

    Students from your class and from your course will hold same qualification and same degree at the time of placement in university. What will make your achievements look different from others and become your plus point? Answer is “Scholarship”, yes! Scholarship is counted and taken as an achievement in your academics just like winning or participating in some event, conference, training program does. “Scholarship” distinguishes student and his/her achievements.

  3. Financial Support

    Scholarships provides financial support to students of the university. Being dependent upon parents for every need during college life sometimes become an issue or create hesitation among students for asking their parents for money after every month. However, scholarship provide opportunity to students to become a little independent if not completely. Thus, earning scholarship is better than depending upon some part time job or parents for every expense of college.

  4. Enhance Curriculum Vitae

    Curriculum vitae is the only weapon you can use during and interview in campus recruitment session. However, what attracts the interviewer towards your profile is “what you achieved during academics? – And the greatest achievement student can earn during academics is ‘scholarship’. Therefore, scholarship enhance your curriculum vitae and make your image as “hard working” in the eyes of interviewer.

Galgotia University has been the no. 1 ranking university in private sector of education in India. The university holds a record of maximum international placements and opportunities for students of every educational stream and honored with numerous of awards throughout the journey of success. For further information visit Galgotia University Reviews.