Month: March 2017

Galgotia University’s Empowerment

Galgotia University has converse regarding its achievements and accomplishments. However, in recent years it notices that there is great empowerment in achievements of Galgotia University Reviews. The university not only become prominent all over the country but has been awarded with numerous of awards. Dhruv Galgotia, the youngest CEO, and inspiration of youth today has taken the university at the skies of success and enlightens the career of its students through international opportunities and training events.

  • Membership with Infosys

    Undoubtedly, Galgotia University Placements has been associated with numerous of Multinational Companies around the Globe. In recent years, the university has manage to be at the top rank among the learning hubs in India. However, the association and membership aspect of Galgotia College Placements has empowered as Infosys recognizes Galgotia University as a member partner latest in April 2017. Infosys is India’s one of the prominent MNCs. Galgotia is continuously riding towards success through its dedication and efforts towards the education in India.

  • School of Medical advancement

    Galgotia college of medical has always been the finest health education provider since ever established. However, you all will be delightful to know that Galgotia University recently make an advancement in Medical stream of Education offered in the Galgotia College. From now onwards, the university also provides programs related to Pharmaceutical Science and Clinical research. These two aspect has become the demand of medical education in the country.

  • Women Excellence Award’17

    In recent years, it observes that Galgotia manage to expose perfection in almost every aspect of learning institutes either its trainings, global exposure, industry interface, or international placements. However, in the month of March, 2017, recently, the vice chancellor of Galgotia University has honored with Women excellence award 2017 by Shri Vijay Goel, the minister of Youth affairs and Sports. Galgotia is worthy of mentioning as the university holds numerous of awards in almost every field of education.

  • Faculty development programs

    Faculty is the significant part and essence of education in every institute of learning and so in Galgotia University. Therefore regular training and development according to the need and demand of education is totally necessary. However, in order to put step with the modern education system and needs the Faculty of Galgotia University are given the opportunity to develop their knowledge, optimize themselves through Faculty development programs to be organize by the university. The faculty take part in the programs actively and the programs worth it.

  • Youth for Human Right International  South Asia’s Award’17

    Galgotia University’s faculty has always been the proficient factor in rapid success of the university. The university honored with numerous of awards throughout the journey. Recently, the university has also honored with “Youth for Human Right International South Asia’s Award 2017 regarding its proficient and dedicated faculty.

  • Best Research Paper Award’17

    The Dr. Kiran Rai, Officiating Dean of Galgotia University has honored with “best research paper” award 2017. In would like to mention that Dr. kiram is one of the most capable faculty member of the Galgotia.

These were the various empowered also factors of Galgotia University Placements. The university has accomplished rapidly in few years and never turn backward. “I am proud that Galgotia holds such excellent faculty members, they are the essence of Galgotia. I will also be delightful to mention that our faculty members is why Galgotia is at the top today” said Dhruv Galgotia.